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This product is provided “for educational purposes” only.
The objective of “Know How To Be Rich” is to assist you develop the “mindset” for success. Actual success will flow from the “strategies” YOU apply this “mindset” to.
All testimonials or statements of performance given in this sales material has been provided by
the acknowledged contributors and relates to their personal experiences. Their results and / or statements of performance is in no way a guarantee that you will achieve the same. Every situation is unique and the results obtained from use of this program will be determined by you. No earnings or income is offered or guaranteed as a result of using “Know How To Be Rich.” Results are achieved through personal effort and control only. At no stage do we promise monetary gain. The product is not meant to cure or prevent any disease, offer legal or money making advice, or promise any physical, mental or other benefit.
We do not accept any responsibility for outcomes derived from use of this product in conjunction with products or advice from other parties.
By ordering today, you accept full responsibility of the usage of the product. You agree not to hold Robertanthonyonline.com or its assigns responsible for the consequences or results seen or achieved with the product or its related usage. You assume full risk and responsibility.